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Hardware & Accessories

  • Slip Wrap

    Slip Wrap

    R-4.2 Slip Wrap is an insulation wrap with vapour barrier that helps reduce heat and cool loss APPLICATIONS Commercial Residential For use on flexible ducting or solid round pipe that supplies heating, cooling, intake or exhaust air Indoor or outdoor...

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  • Duct Protection Film (Blue Skin)

    Duct Protection Film (Blue Skin)

    The Dynair Duct Protection Film is designed as a temporary closure to protect uninstalled and partially installed ductwork from contaminants such as dirt, dust, and other particulates that can accumulate in the duct that can lead to poor indoor air...

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  • Multi-matic TDC & TDF Corners

    Multi-matic TDC & TDF Corners

    The Nexus Multi-Matic TDC/TDF corners are designed for both use in automatic insertion machines or for hand assembly. The Corners are flanged and embossed to provide strength and rigidity. The corner piece has a square bolt hole to accommodate compatible...

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  • Weld-Ons


    Weld-Ons are manufactured with consistently sharp points to ensure positive contact with the sheet metal to which they are to be welded. Produced from special carbon alloy steel, the point of the welding pin is hardened in a unique cold form process...

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  • Stik-Ons


    Stik-Ons are 12-gauge steel insulation pins that are permanently staked through 2” x 2" galvanized steel base plates. A pressure sensitive adhesive backing provides a permanent bond between the Stik-Ons and ductwork. Each case includes self-locking...

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